Business & Tax

We recognize that each business is unique and owners have differing styles of running each business.  We strive to provide exceptional service to businesses and their owners.  Our experience covers the full life cycle of a business, from start up to take down and nearly everything in between.  We have experience helping the simple "mom and pop" shop to businesses with significant monthly needs and oversight.  Whether you need business/tax planning or simple want to be able to ask questions on a regular basis, we can help.  

If you find yourself or your business in trouble with the IRS, give us a call.  Over the years, Richard L. Petersen has assisted many individuals and businesses resolve their tax problems and debt with the IRS, Utah State Tax Commission and local taxation authorities.  Over the years, he has focused a portion of his practice on tax controversy work, including Petitions to the United States Tax Court, and appeals hearings at the state and local level.  If you have a tax problem that is overwhelming you, contact us and let's see if we can help.

Estate Planning

Richard L. Petersen has completed hundreds of estate plans over the years.  He is dedicated to not only providing a quality product, but also for providing the necessary education so his clients can make informed decisions about their future.  We take all of the clients concerns and input seriously so that an estate plan can be tailored specific to the client.  Your estate plan may include:

  • Trust (both revocable or irrevocable)
  • Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Trust assistance for incapacitated children
  • Providing for your minor children
  • Charitable bequests

We take seriously your intentions and ambitions and are prepared to answer your questions and provide quality suggestions for your individualized estate plan.  It is the goal of Richard L. Petersen, LLC that you will walk away from your experience in preparing your estate plan with a full knowledge of how your plan can work for you.    

Probate & Trust Administration

As often happens, some estate planning falls through the cracks.  We are prepared to help those that need to transfer assets through the Utah probate process.  We strive to take away the difficulty and stress that come with dealing with the death of a loved one and the probate process.  Whether you are the name personal representative or an heir of an estate, we are prepared to answer your questions. In addition, in Utah, guardianships and conservatorships also fall within the probate code and we would be pleased to discuss any needs of your family members who experience incapacity or health issues.    

In addition to working on probate issues in Utah, Richard L. Petersen has provided aid to trustees, beneficiaries, and trust protectors as they seek to properly administer and follow the terms of a trust.  Utah law provides specific requirements for those involved in handling trust matters.  We have found that those who administer a trust or estate right the first time, problems that arise can be avoided and resolved.  However, on the occasion that disputes arise amongst heirs, beneficiaries, and those administering the trust or estate, we have the experience to handle those matters.